In developing this curriculum we have taken a different approach than the usual traditional methods to kobudo.

Traditionally kobudo training is introduced at a green or blue belt level to students who have had at least a year or more karate training. It is highly recommended, that when you study this course, that you have studied karate and understand the principle underlining the movements and techniques of karate, but it is not necessary.

The course starts at a very basic level and gradually introduces different weapons and more difficult techniques. To create a sense of progress and development we have followed the traditional belt system used in karate.

Each belt or kyu level and each weapon progresses from very basic to more advanced techniques. For each weapon there is a series of basic techniques and sequences and basic kata.

Basics are the building stones of karate and kobudo and these should be mastered before one progresses to more advanced kata.

Kyu Training and Grading Requirements

6th kyu (white to yellow)

Bo – Basics
Bo – Basic sequence
Bo – Basic kata # 1

5th kyu (yellow to orange)

Bo – Basic kata #2
Bo tai Bo kihon waza 1 - 3
Bo – Oshiro no kon
Sai – Basics
Sai – Basic sequence
Sai – Basic kata # 1

4th kyu (orange to green)

Bo tai Bo kihon waza 4 - 6
Bo – Sushi no kon sho
Sai – Basic kata # 2
Tonfa – Basics
Tonfa – Basic sequence
Tonfa – Basic kata # 1

3rd kyu (green to blue)

Bo tai Bo – Moving sequence
Bo tai Sai
Nunchaku basics
Nunchaku – Basic sequence

2nd kyu (blue to brown)

Bo – Sakugawa no kon sho
Nunchaku – Basic Kata # 1
Tonfa – Basic kata # 2
Bo tai Tonfa

1st kyu (brown to shodan)

Bo – Sushi no kon dai
Tonfa – Hamahiga no tonfa
Sai – Tsukenshitaku no sai
Nunchaku – Maezato no nunchaku
Bo tai Nunchaku